A New Life in America

Refugee families arrive to the United States with high hopes of a better life after living in refugee camps for years. Their vision of the American dream fades quickly as they are faced with a whole new set of unfamiliar challenges, such as learning a new language, finding transportation, and getting a job. The government provides a short financial “grace period” during which these families are expected to become self-sufficient and fully-functioning members of society. With nothing but the clothes on their backs they seek help, only to be immersed in the complicated processes of bureaucratic agencies. Without the proper materials, training, and assistance how are they expected to thrive in this new society?

New Neighbor Relief is about Action

New Neighbor Relief recognizes that real help is accomplished with one-on-one assistance, love, and service. Local volunteers act as mentors as they are matched with specific refugee families with the end goal of helping them become self-reliant. This is accomplished through these 4 objectives:

  1. Immediate Help - Donated items such as clothing and furniture are distributed among new refugee families.
  2. Learning English - Refugees enroll in NNR’s very own weekly english program.
  3. Getting a Job - Job searching skills are taught and NNR’s network is utilized in finding employment
  4. Help with Transportation - A bicycle, a driver’s license, and even help obtaining a vehicle are all ways in which assistance is given.

NNR volunteers can regularly be found giving rides to refugees for appointments, enrolling children in school, helping with paperwork, or organizing items in the donation warehouse. NNR is dedicated to help rebuild lives and contribute to the development of their families and communities.


Our Mission

To lovingly assist and mentor refugees and asylum seekers with economic, social, and educational needs so they become self-reliant and able to contribute to the development of their families and communities.

Our Vision

To become the most reliable organization helping refugees and asylum seekers become contributors and assets in their new society.

Who we are

New Neighbor Relief is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization bringing about tangible change in the lives of refugees in San Diego, California (USA).

How is New Neighbor Relief different?

New Neighbor Relief is significantly different from any other nonprofit organization:

  • The organization has a large number of enthusiastic volunteers who understand the problems refugees face and volunteer their time out of love rather than a job.

  • The majority of the administrative costs of the organization are covered by the Board of Directors, therefore most of the donated funds go directly to the cause.

  • The organization deals with refugee matters in a very responsive manner so that problems don't become greater.

  • NNR answers refugee calls 24/7.

  • The Board of Directors are individuals who care more about people than their own social status.


New Neighbor Relief partners with resettlement agencies and other organizations to help refugees:

1. Alliance for African Assistance

2. Catholic Charities

3. International Rescue Committee

4. Jewish Family Services San Diego

5. San Diego Refugee Forum


1. The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints

2. Sleep in Heavenly Peace

3. DC Painting, Inc.

4. Urban Jungle Fun Park

We are always looking for additional religious organizations, businesses, and other non-profits to  partner with in order reach the vast number of refugees who need our help.


Want to lend a helping hand? We have several ways for you to volunteer.

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