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There are several different ways you can help support local refugees. 


Tier I : Volunteer

Organize donation drives for clothes or bikes, assist at our english classes, help out at our refugee activity nights, or simply spend some time organizing donated items in our warehouse. Your involvement is flexible for your schedule.

Tier II : Mentor

You will be matched with a refugee family who has been in the U.S. for more than 6 months. You will help your refugee family continue in their path to self-reliance. Assistance may be needed in going through mail, learning english, looking for work, and transportation. Estimated time required: 2-5 hours a week.

Tier III : Full Mentor

You will be matched with a new refugee family who has recently moved to the United States. You will assist them with immediate needs, registering for school, finding means of transportation, and helping with paper work. Estimated time required: 6-12 hours a week.


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Are you or someone you know a refugee in need? We would love to help.

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